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The Ministry of Finance is accountable for the preparation and implementation of the Government's fiscal policy. Its goals are to contribute to stable economic growth and to the increase in prosperity, in quality of life and in employment for all Croatian citizens.


One of the most important tasks of the Ministry is the preparation of the State Budget, as well as the management of budget revenues and expenditures, that is, of taxpayers' money.

The Ministry of Finance performs administrative and other tasks related to:
  • analyses and forecasts of macroeconomic trends, which represent the basis for the determination of economic and fiscal policy and for the production of the consolidated state budget:
  • making basic drafts for financing of public needs and drafts of the state budget and non-budget funds as well as local budgets;
  • budget consolidation, making drafts of the system of financing public needs and local and regional self-government units;
  • state budget execution;
  • planning the state budget liquidity;
  • management of financial flows;
  • budget supervision;
  • development of the budget accounting and financial reporting systems;
  • management of the State Treasury General Ledger and composing the consolidated financial reports of the Budget of the Republic of Croatia;
  • management of budget investments, composition of short-term financial needs reports, monitoring the balance sheet of revenues, expenditures and cash, registering direct and conditional public debt obligations, contracting of credit loans and performing the procedure of issuing securities in domestic and foreign market according to the established State Budget financing account, public debt portfolio management;
  • preparation of drafts of legal and other regulations and basis for the conduction of negotiations in the field of financial relations with foreign countries, which arises from multilateral and bilateral as well as credit cooperation with international and regional financial institutions, foreign governments and commercial banks; operational tasks regarding the membership of the Republic of Croatia within international financial organizations;
  • collecting and processing data on damages occurred as a result of natural disasters;
  • keeping the concessions register;
  • development, improvement and coordination of concession policy systems;
  • making propositions and measures for the improvement of the concessions system;
  • supervision of the implementation of the Concessions Act;
  • participating in the procedures and analyzing the propositions of various concession and public-private partnership models, giving propositions and opinions on public-private partnership draft contracts from the basis of budgetary risks, evaluation of projects and assessment of risks in the field of public-private partnership from within the scope of the Ministry and according to the procedures of production and realization of public-private partnership projects, making propositions and giving opinions for the improvement and enhancement of the public-private partnership system from within the scope of the Ministry;
  • monitoring business operations of companies of special state interest;
  • production of analyses in the procedures of company restructuring;
  • monitoring and analysis of state aid, improvement of the system of projection and intensity of the allocation of state aid;
  • production of analyses and monitoring of economic movements in the field of financial system, making propositions and implementing measures for the enhancement of the credit institutions and deposit insurance system, of the insurance system, of the system of capital market, investment funds and investor protection, payment system and system of supervision over financial institutions, supervision of financial institutions according to legislative powers;
  • tax system and tax policy, customs system and policy of customs and non-customs protection, supervision and inspection tasks in the field of taxes, customs and other public revenues, and of foreign currency exchange and foreign trade business operations, of organizing games of chance and prize-winning games;
  • undertaking measures for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing; construction and maintenance of border crossings. 

The Ministry also performs administrative and professional tasks concerning the establishment and development of Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) systems, at both the state and local level.

In addition, the Ministry performs tasks referring to the financial management within the framework of the Decentralised Implementation System (DIS) of the EU aid programmes for Croatia.

The Ministry performs, as well, the other tasks within its competence according to a special act.

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