State budget

The State Budget is a document estimating revenues and receipts and determining expenditure and outlays for one year, in accordance with the law. The State Budget is enacted by the Croatian Parliament.

There are three main functions of the Budget:

  • it shows the most important country's aims in a fiscal year
  • it serves as an instrument with which the country influences its economic condition
  • it serves as a control system of collecting and spending budget means.

In Croatia, the adoption of the State Budget is one of the most important financial and political events of a year. The Minister of Finance and his closest team of co-operators put a lot of effort into informing the public about the Budget so that all the citizens could be informed of its aims and also of how much money the country has at its disposal.

The State Budget is preceded by the Governmental Economic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines which are adopted at the end of the summer. They establish the basic determinants of the Budget for the mentioned period.

On the eve of the Government Budget session, there is a press meeting taking place in the Ministry of Finance at which the main speaker is the Minister of Finance while the state officials, who have prepared the Budget, participate as well.

Economic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines