Protection of financial interests of the EU

In the Republic of Croatia, protection of financial interests of the EU is ensured through the Anti-Fraud Co-ordination System (AFCOS System). It is a system that co-ordinates the legislative, administrative and operational activities aimed at protecting the financial interests of the European Union and direct cooperation with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

AFCOS System is regulated by the Budget Act (Official Journal, No 87/08, 136/12 and 15/15) and the Regulation on the institutional framework of the System of combating irregularities and fraud (Official Journal, No 144/13 and 19/17).

 AFCOS System in the Republic of Croatia consists of three elements:
  • Irregularity Reporting System - competent bodies that are obliged to report on irregularities for pre-accession assistance programmes and EU funds whose management is shared between the EU and the Member States, according to valid regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union;
  • AFCOS Network - a network of bodies that deal with combating irregularities, fraud, corruption or some other form of illegal activities;
  • AFCOS Unit - an organisational unit at the Ministry of Finance that has a coordinative role between the bodies of the Irregularity Reporting System and the bodies of the AFCOS Network. It is also the main contact point for OLAF in the Republic of Croatia and as such ensures the conduction of inspections by OLAF in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.
Contact of AFCOS Unit:
Ministry of Finance
Katančićeva 5
10 000 Zagreb