General Secretariat

General Secretary of the Ministry of Finance: 
tel: ++385 1 4591 330++385 1 4591 176  fax: ++385 1 4591 087
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Sector for Human Resources and Legal Affairs
tel: 4591 298
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Communications Service
tel: ++385 1 4591 198, fax: ++385 1 4591 312
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Information System Sector
tel: ++385 1 4591 315, fax: ++385 1 4591 070
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Within the General Secretariat, the following tasks are carried out: legal affairs, administrative and professional tasks related to planning, management, development and professional education and training of human resources from the Central Office of the Ministry; preparation and monitoring of the realization of the plan of activities of the Ministry; organizational, financial-planning and accounting tasks, financial management and control tasks and general, ancillary and technical tasks; tasks referring to harmonization of activities to be carried out by internal organizational units and administrative organizations of the Ministry; tasks of protection at work, defence and safety; coordination of public procurement activities of all organizational units within the Ministry; taking care of orderly and timely use of property and work equipment; tasks of organizing, establishing and maintaining a unique information system for the Central Office of the Ministry; communications and public relations tasks and other tasks falling within the scope of the Secretariat.

  • Sector for Human Resources and Legal Affairs
  • Service for General Affairs 
  • Service for Financial-Planning and Accounting Tasks
  • Information System Sector 
  • Service for Communications