Internal Audit

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Internal audit provides support to the budget user for the purpose of achieving its objectives.

Internal audit is an independent activitiy which assesses internal control system, provides independent and objective professional opinion and provides advice for business improvement.

It is established to help budget users achieve their objectives by applying systematic and disciplined approach to efficiency valuating and improvement of risk management processes, control and management.

The internal audit objective is to provide reasonable assurance levels to the budget users heads that the implementation of managerial and control mechanisms are adequate, economical and consistent in relation to generally accepted standards and national legislation.

Internal audit could be understood as a helping tool of the management. Therefore, the role of internal audit is often indicated as an ''extended management hand“ or ''eyes and ears of the management“, since through internal audit the management is provided with information on system functions for which it is responsible.

The scope of internal audit involves all budget users processes and activities on all levels of managerial accountability.