International cooperation

The experience that the Central Harmonization Unit has gained through international activities significantly supported the Public Internal Financial Control system development in the Republic of Croatia.

The Central Harmonization Unit, i.e. the International Affairs Service is competent for the following activities:

  • International cooperation development with the aim of sharing experience and best practice of the EU members in the area of internal financial control,
  • Organization of international conferences, seminars and workshops,
  • Coordination of internal audit performance in line institutions using the EU funds,
  • Coordination and cooperation with institutions involved in the management, use and control of the EU funds, especially in part related to the preparation for managing the Cohesion fund and Structural funds,
  • Reporting to the European Union and other bodies on the progress in financial management and control and internal audit,
  • Active engagement in the pre-accession negotiations of the Republic of Croatia in the field of internal financial control, in adjusting to  acquis communautaire of the European Union within negotiating Chapter 32 - Financial control,
  • Implementation and monitoring  of the EU-funded projects whose beneficiary is the Central Harmonization Unit,
  • Organisation of training in the area related to the EU funds.