PIFC Council

The Public Internal Financial Control Council is an advisory body of the Minister of Finance. It is established by Public Internal Financial Control Act.

The members of the Council are appointed by the Croatian Government, on the proposal of the Minister of Finance, who have knowledge and experience in financial management and control, internal or external audit.

Minister of Finance is The President of the Council and convene the Council as necessary, at least three times per year.
Council's work is focused on:
• to make recommendations for the development of financial management and control and internal audit in public sector
• monitoring the implementation of the activities undertaken by the user of budget
• monitoring the implementation of recommendations given by internal audit and National Audit Office
• protection of the functional independence and development of the internal audit
• giving opinions and advice on the Consolidated Annual Report prior to its approval by the Minister of Finance and the submission to the Croatian Government
• assess the justification of reasons for dismissal and / or transfer of the internal auditers

If the PIFC Council establishes through its activities that there are some outstanding issues arising from the Council's work, it will report the Government of the Republic of Croatia on the matter with a view to taking adequate action to strengthen financial management and control and internal audit.